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LiquidjokerMGO wrote at 2013-03-03 18:55:03
THIS IS HOW ON A 2003 Altima 2.5 in California.

-NO NEED TO BE TO TECHNICAL- order the part don't buy it at auto store unless they carry the NTK (original for nissan) OR Denso (original for toyota)brands you can trust both of these parts to be of high quality made in JAPAN and shipped to the AMERICA for the same price or lower than the generic parts at the auto store try don't order from there just check to see if you can get part number to the part you need then copy paste that part number on and compare price to your auto store.

OK make sure the engine is cool you need a 7/8 wrench and 15-20 minutes, Open the hood remove the front vent of the air intake it has like four clips, pop the center of the clip up with a flat head screw driver and pull up the clips remove the vent piece.

Next you will need to disconnect the clip of the O2 sensor be careful not to put stress on car side of the wire harness.

reach down with the wrench and remove the sensor if it is the original sensor it will come out smoothly. unpack the new O2 sensor if you bought a denso it comes with grease that you apply on the threads dont put to much. Practice screwing the sensor in place by hand with the old sensor until you know at what angle it will go in. YOU DO NOT WANT TO DROP OR BUMP THE NEW SENSOR. now that you know how it will go in install your new sensor by hand then tighten a bit with the wrench.

now place the 02 sensor clip on its bracket it will click in place then grab the wire harness clip and push it into the O2 sensor clip hold both clips one in each hand and push hard. It will click into place. Install your air intake vent with its clips, collect your tools and the part removed make sure you leave nothing on engine that is not suppose to be there close the hood and you are done. If you have a DTC code reader erase the codes. usually 2 codes for the same sensor repeated it will show 4 codes but its 2 codes caused by 1 part. If you dont have the DTC reader disconnect the battery for a bit reconnect and you are all set. HOPE THIS HELPS SOMEONE.

(bank 1 sensor 2) is the sensor passed the Catalytic Converter the second one the one at the bottom. google a picture for your the year and miodel of your car. example: 2004 nissan sentra 2.5 bank 1 sensor 2.


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