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Nissan Repair/1998 Nissan Maxima brake lights


Steve wrote at 2010-03-14 14:16:44
Actually, the theory presented in Calvin's answer is backwards. Since the brake light switch used in the 1998 Nissan Maxima closes when the plunger is fully extended, a missing or damaged rubber pad would suggest that the brake lights would be stuck on, not off as Connor's problem had indicated. If all three brake lights don't come on, then the likelihood is that the switch itself is bad. If you have a multi-meter, pull the switch out and run a continuity check across the leads. Continuity should be achieved when the plunger is approximately half depressed. Make sure the common meter lead is on the common switch lead, otherwise the meter won't read correctly. For those of you that don't have a meter, pull the switch out and plug it back into the leads so you can access the plunger with your finger. Since the plunger is fully extended to start, the lights should be on, even without the keys in the ignition (they are on battery power at that point). Have a second person stand behind the car to tell you when the lights go out as you slowly depress the plunger. If the lights aren't on to start with, the switch is bad. If the lights are on to start, but do not go out as the plunger is depressed, the switch is bad. It's a cheap part and fairly easy to get to once the cover panel under the steering wheel is removed. You'll need a 9/16" wrench to adjust the locknut on the threaded barrel of the switch. When re-installing the switch, be careful how much the switch is screwed into the mounting bracket; too far, and it's possible that the lights may not come on as the pedal is pushed; too little and the pedal may not depress the plunger enough to turn the lights out as it returns.  

d wrote at 2012-05-01 16:50:16
hi connor

i have same exact car and problem . problem is brake light swith. buy it from 11 to 15 bucks. weekend job .  

Bob wrote at 2013-07-29 05:02:35
Had same problem, brake lights would not extinguish. found rubber stopper on front of brake lamp switch was disintegrated and plunger was going through the hole  where the stopper was. placed bolt through the hole until I find the rubber stopper.

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