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Nissan Repair/Locking system Nissan Primera 2004


Steve wrote at 2009-02-27 18:34:44
just look beside each handle there should be a blank bit. Pull it out and one should open fine. The key slot will be there where you can manualy open the car. That worked out for me. Hope it works out for you. (the key slot cover would normally be located near the drivers seat handle or the seat besides handle).

prodigality wrote at 2009-04-29 10:01:05
The key hole is located under the body work, It is hidden directly beside the bit of the door handle that pulls out. It will be on either the passanger front door or driver front door depending on the model.

To locate it, go to both sides and feel for the part that pops off. Carefully pop it off and use youre key to gain access.

Consult your manual for a diagram of where it is located, its in there, as its hard to explain

Paul Falleyn wrote at 2009-07-01 21:50:59
Hi Michael,

Had the same problem today (hope you already found the answer, but it can help for other persons too)

Here the solution : (there is a hidden cilinder - keyhole)

The left-hand side door can be locked or unlocked with the door key when the vehicle's battery is dead.

Carefully remove the side protection cap on the left hand door handle by inserting the key in the cap's base-slot and prising it off ; insert key in cylinder and turn & turn it towards the rear.

If you look at the cap,you see that there is a little "key" printed on it.

This is also the same for the other new Nissan cars (as well as Renault and others probably)

dohballs wrote at 2010-02-08 12:26:18
there is a keyhole in the passenger side door next to the handle under the little cover to the right of the handle it pops off and there is a key hole under it. hope this helps

wosop wrote at 2014-02-22 15:37:10
You will not see a keyhole,  it is a slit that you put the end of your key in to remove the plastic cover on the passengers side door handle and when the plastic cover is removed you will then see the keyhole

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