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QUESTION: Good day,
I have a 1995 Altima, i am searching for the fuel sending unit, the fuel tank and the taillight grounding points, and any others, you can think of, i am in the process of re-doing the grounding of the car,
Thank you for any help

ANSWER: Hi Wille

The fuel sending unit is in the fuel tank, and is grounded to the tank. When you get to the access cover for removing the sending unit at the top of the tank, you should see the grounding wire.

Your tailight ground is through the socket. Some models have a direct wire from the socket, while others have the ground incorporated into the socket circuit, so the mounting bolts are the source of ground.

In your engine, some of the sensors, the manifold itself and possibly the transmission require good grounding. Sensors operate on millivolts, so proper ground is imperative. When in doubt, a wire to the frame of the vehicle is always a good bet for ground points.

Hope this helps

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for the advice, on fact, i made a grounding kit and put it in, now the lights are brighter and everything, along the same subjuct, there are four wires coming from the top of my tank, (2-black with white stripes, 1- black, 1 green, and one red with black stripes, are any of these grounds?, and where would they terminate, and where is the ground for my gas tank, and one other issue, now that everythingis grounded properly, my gas milage took a down hill dive, i went from around 20 mpg to around 18 mpg,, the car has 202086 miles on it, what would be normal?, once again thank you tremendously

ANSWER: Hi Willie -

As far as I know there is only one ground wire for the sending unit and fuel pump, which should be at the top of the tank as described below. The fuel tank is strapped to the frame, and the straps, being metal is the ground.

As far as your mileage, I would keep monitoring. Perhaps the 18 MPG is an anomaly. Don't know what the size of your engine is, so I am guessing the 20MPG is more on the normal side.

Hope this helps -

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I'm sorry, it's 2.4L, as for the wires, i'm thinking possibly the + & -, for the fuel pump and sending unit, and i'm reading about grounding the transmission, what would that be about, thanks again for the knowledge, this may not be my last Altima

Hi Willie -

Yes, I would keep monitoring the mileage. Smaller engines actually could use more fuel when driving mostly on the freeway, as it takes more RPM's at 60MPH to keep a small car at that speed vs a larger engine. So driving habits play a factor as well.

BTW. Thank you very much for the feedback.


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