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Nissan Repair/Hot wire to alternator


QUESTION: 1989 Nissan PU 4cyl. Trying to remove hot wire do not know exactly where it is. Cannot see back of alternator doing it by feel. Can you explain how or tell me where I could find a picture.
I am going to drive the truck to the shop once I get the juice to the alternator off. Thanks

ANSWER: from my distant memory if you lye under the vehicle you should be able to see the hotwire from under the engine bay one question why do you need it removed in the first place maybe get back to me on this one many thanks also there is an owners club in the us if needed

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QUESTION: My son was going to jump start my PU but he connect the cable backwards to his vehicle. The wires from my battery heated up and I shut everything off. Got my battery tested (OK) and charged. When I reinstalled it the terminal sparked. PU started but smelled like hot wires. Disconnected battery. My mechanic told me to disconnect the hot wire to alt and dive the PU to his shop for testing etc. Can't get the electricity disconnected. How do I contact the owners club?

hello the hot wire should be located on the cap end of the starter where the main cable connects to it as i am located in northern ireland i dont have acces to a pu to verify this but when i ask friends of mine in the us they all came back with the same answer i do hope you get sorted as they are quite a good truck from what i hear have you also tried to replace the battery as it may have shorted inside the caseing which in turn could be causing the burnig smell as when it charges it will be casing a smell to come from the alternator hoope this help you out many thanks and merry christmas and a happy new year

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