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I just read your response to someone with a 2000 Nissan. I'm recently going through what seems like necessary repairs.

I went to the dealer because my service engine light has been on for about 2 weeks already. They had advised me to replace my stale catalytic converter (front), and I went along with it since they were going to charge me $250 for the diagnosis alone.

Now, my car is stalling at least once every time I'm on the road (to work, from work, etc.). I'm thinking about taking it back to the dealer to see if it's connected to the cat converter repair but am dreading about the further damage to my pocket.

Do you have an idea of what this could be, what kinds of repairs I should brace myself for, and if I have some bargaining power for the next repair (like if it's an error on their part with the replacement)? Or, should I just go to an independent mechanic?

If you'd like a little more history, I did have the ignition coils replaced, probably around 3 years ago.

I'd appreciate any advice you have to give on this topic!

Hi Emily -

First question I have is if your check engine light is still on?

If so, the CAT was not your problem and I will need the trouble code that is causing the light to go on. There are literally hundreds of reasons why the light is on, and finding the code will narrow it down tremendously. If you have an Autozone in your area, I think they will do that for free.

Once I get the code from you we can start the target diagnosis.

Yes, I would agree that you should take it back and say the vehicle was not repaired, and say you are not spending any more money until they can give you an accurate repair.

Hope this helps -

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