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QUESTION: Hello, dear expert?

I've got nissan skyline GTS-4. But it is have an engine damage.
The car is taken more than 2 times to car service.
After service it is stopped many times in the middle of the road and does not started. It is sucks more fuel. Tramsmission gear is not working on 1 and 2, just works P, R, N and D. Something is broken and replaced another japan car's same thing but not match well. Now it is in garage.
By the way, I'm from Mongolia and  
I could not find this type of skyline's engine. I searched internet to find an exact engine and asked car services.

I want to know how can I fix this car and if need to change engine
where I can find it?
If I can't find engine of this type which another car's engine is
match for this type of nissan skyline and this car can be customized? Also where I should search parts & things of this car?

One more question, it is maybe sounds silly, but I'll ask.
Do you know experts who are you works in another country to repair car problem? If yes let me know, maybe I' hire to fix this car. :)

This car's infos are below:

Twin cam 24 valve, 2500.
chasis no:enr33-002337
1N4 K, rB25DE 2498,
RE 4R 01A RC43, 5

Thank you for your consideration and hoping for your soonest reply and merry X-mas! :)

ANSWER: hello i can source the exact engine in the UK if you can arrange a courier they can collect the engine and transmission from the UK to be delivered to you in Mongolia or we can arrange one of our mechanics to travel out to you to rebuild the engine you have but this would cost a considerable amount of time and money please advise me as to which option you should wish to pursue many thanks Michael Ireland

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QUESTION: Hello, Micheal?

I very appreciate your reply and it is great opportunity for me.
How much will cost engine with delivery fee to Mongolia?
If your mechanics will come to Mongolia they will take engine with them?

Many thanks.

the cost to bring engine with them and remove your engine then refit the replacement one complete with new gear box would be in the region of 4500 pounds and this price will  not include our vat which we have to pay on some of it I am not sure how the tax system works in your country this is allowing the purchase of the necessary engine and gearbox then having a team of mechanics fly out to remove the old engine and refit the new one it also allows testing in the UK for the replacement engine the engine cost to buy is around 1200 pounds sterling and the cost for the mechanics to fly out would be in the region of 3300 as this is to allow for flight time and rest time when they get three as I don't want anybody hurt in the process then we fit new engine test and fly home leaving you a happy customer

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