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i tried your steps which worked perfectly but after a couple of days its comes back on and if you re do the process it still comes back on there is nothing wrong by me but i don't know so please help me, i was also told about using a special tool which U can get to connect to your car for a diagnostic test but I'm not sure if its worth it, please help, thanks!

the diagnostic test is a good job we would do one on most cars we get into as a matter of routine to determine any other problems we may come up against it would be one of the first things i would have done as it will point to the most likely area of problem and you should only be charged around 20 quid to have it done failing this we do have a few owners clubs on the web and it would be beneficial in you join one as they do show how to by pass the diagnostic system by inserting a wire into certain pins to allow the mil light to flash out a series of flashes to you so it will flash once then stop or continue on for the amount of times it is needed to count the problem area try this and if no good i will get a friend of mine to give you a call as he is a mobile mechanic in the UK and he will call with you to determine what is going on good lad never let me down  

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