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Nissan Repair/programme cd error


QUESTION: Hallo, i have nissan primera 2002 2.2di and display writes: "please insert a program disc". when i do this action its starting installing but at the end it writes: "installed unsuccessfully please replace the program disc". nothing is working on centrale console, what can i do?

ANSWER: hello have you tried to insert a cleaning disc as it may be a simple thing as the head being a bit dusty as they are fairly infallible item but they do get a bit dirty from time to time failing this please get back to me and I will research further many thanks Michael if you dont have a cleaning disc try using some of the other halfs nail remover on a cotton bud and clean the reading head on the cd player

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QUESTION: thank you for your advice but i have tried this already and it doesn't helps, then i tried to clean cd and bought special celaner for it but nothing... on central console works only one button... Have u any other idea? thanks beforehand

hello sorry for the delay but i was taken into hospital unexpectedly but did you get you problem sorted out if not i have had a look at a similar model and found that the small wires that connect the various modules together can break and if this is the problem then it may be more simple to replace the head unit with a second hand one form a breakers yard they are quite easy to remove and only took my mechanic around an hour to remove and replace just to see if this is a possible repair done by a diy mechanic and it should go well after  

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