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you answered this question a while back.  my window motor looks exactly the same. the arm to connect has a big hole and i have no clue how it attaches.  ive looked for a few days now and am having no luck at all.  you said you knew what the part was. could you pals send a link or part number?  my wife really needs the car and rain x isn't that great.  ty for your time

Hi Mike -

Yes, the linkage is connected by a plastic grommet that snaps into the hole at the end of the link. It can be found at any auto store. If you specify wiper link grommet or bushing, they should know what you are talking about.

When you get it, you must snap the grommet into the large hole first, ensuring that it is seated well. Then snap it into the other link that has the pin sticking out. It must snap into place. There might be some clearance challenges, but using a plier will help.

Hope this helps -

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