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Nissan Repair/1987 Maxima Rear Brake Rotor Resurface/Replacement


Hi Michael,

I am do a rear disc brake job on an 1987 Maxima (based on U11 Chassis) and I have a two part question.  1) I would like to try to save the rotors if possible.  The rotors are well above the maximum thickness, but have some rust above and below where the new pad will contact the surface.  Most shops in the area do not resurface rotors anymore, but this usually removes too much material anyway. I have heard garnet type sandpaper can be used to resurface rotors, maybe using a electrical block sander.   What is the best way to refinish the rotors?

2) As you may know, the disc in the rear of the Maxima has an integral hub which houses the wheel bearings.  If I have to replace the rotors, can the new bearings be installed with a bearing driver/hammer  or  drift/hammer as shown in the Nissan service manual? I have used the above method on  the front hub of a rear wheel drive vehicles in the past.

if you can obtain course sand paper and using it carefully it will remove the edge on the side of the disc and try not to place to much pressure on the disc as it may cause to deep a scratch on this as his is the opposite of what you want the second question is if the bearing will release from the Centrex hub it would be ok to replace it this way hope this is ok foro a ns sorry for the delay in answering your question as it takes some time to researched some of the answers as i live in the UK and some cars we don't have access to and have to researched using Nissan,s website of which i am a paid member

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