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QUESTION: I need to replace the rear wheel studs on my 1997 (4 cyl. 2WD) truck. I've done the front wheel stud replacement and needed to remove the disk brakes and separate the rotor from the hub so that the new studs could be mounted. What steps will be required for replacing the rear studs? Can the new rear studs be installed without removing the entire axle shaft?ff Thanks.....Werner

ANSWER: Hi Werner

I am assuming you have rear drum brakes.
Yes, the studs can be removed. Remove the drum and pound the stud straight back. Be careful, it is splined, so it must be straight back.

When installing the new stud, place it through the hole, screw a lug nut on the stud tightly to seat the stud.

Hope this helps -

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks Calvin, sounds doable for me, but before I start tearing things apart...will I need to remove the brake shoes to access the studs, and is there enough room on the back side of the hub to slide in the new studs? One last clarification please.....removal of the hub...have read somewhere that there are special pre-drilled holes for turning in bolts (2) to aid in the removal of the you know what size bolts are required?

thanks so much....Werner

Hi Werner -

Yes, there is room to fit the stud through the back of the hub.

The 2 holes that can be used for the removal of the drum - you can use the screw that holds the drum to the hub to insert into the hole, or i think a 1/4" bolt size will do it. However what I do is spray some WD40 at the center of the hub and tap the drum lightly from behind, evenly on the left and right side until it jars loose. That usually does the trick.

Hope this helps -

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