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QUESTION: I have a 1999 Nissan Sentra GXE, and I was driving down the road one day, and looked down, and my dash lights had randomly gone out, I later realized that my fog lights and tail lights also went out. I replaced the fuse under the hood, and they all worked for a couple hours, then went out again. Checked the fuse again, and appeared to be fine, but I replaced it anyways. They are still not working. I have read posts on other sites about stereos causing the issue, however the stereo in my car is stock. I have had the car for about a year, and have not had any issues with this before. Any suggestions would be great! There are not many good mechanics around here, and I really can't afford to take it to someone who is going to charge me for a bunch of things that aren't wrong with it.

Thank you

ANSWER: Hi Ashley -

I suspect you have a grounded wire somewhere. Have you checked to see if you have power at the fuse that you had replaced?

If there is no power, then you have to backtrack the wiring to the power source and see where you are losing the voltage. Maybe the fuse block inside the vehicle is defective at that terminal.

If there is power, you will need to race forward to the lights and see where you have an open circuit.

I am sorry i cannot be of more help, but it is difficult to diagnose electrical without being there.

You will definitely need a volt meter to do the above work, which you can get for a few dollars at any auto parts store.

Hope this helps -

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QUESTION: Thank you Calvin,

I actually checked the fuse again and it is blown again so I'm thinking something is shorting it out. I will check the stuff you listed above. Thank you again.


Hi Ashley -

The best way to check this is pull out all the bulbs on the affected circuits. The instrument panel you can remove the harness, but I doubt the short is coming from there.

Replace the fuse.

If the fuse blows then you are looking for a short or ground at the fuse box or near the power source.

If the fuse does not blow, then replace the bulbs, one by one, until the fuse blows, then you have found the circuit to check.

Hope you find it -


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