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The original problem I had with my 94 Nissan Altima was that it would drive fine and all of a sudden just stall out of nowhere. I noticed each time the car shut off the check engine light came on but only when the car stopped. Each time the car stalled it would restart without a problem. It would then drive fine only to continue to stall again and again and I noticed the times it stalled was when I had to slow down or stop. I thought it was a fuel problem and replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter but the problem continued. I then tried replacing the throttle body sensor, mass air flow sensor, coil, rotor, wires, distributer cap, and I even replaced the distributer 2 different times, thinking the first one I got from autozone was bad. The problem continued after replacing all these parts but then it got to the point where the car wouldn't start at all. It wouldn't start but when I replaced the distributer the second time, the car started and I took it for a drive for about 2 miles before it stalled again. Now it's back to not even starting again. I've replaced every part I could think of and I'm at a loss. Could this problem maybe be an electrical problem like a bad computer, causing fire not to get to these new parts, causing the car to stall or not start?

Hi Natasha -

First of all we need to find out if there is spark. Remove a spark plug wire, insert a screwdriver into it until it contacts the terminal inside. Hold the shaft of the driver about 1/4" away from any metal surface of the engine and have someone turn the engine as if to start it. You should see a spark jump between the 2 surfaces - Please let me know.

If there is spark, you need to check for fuel. I know you replaced the fuel pump and filter, but we have to eliminate that fact that it could be defective. Remove the main fuel line at the engine and insert a container under the line to catch the fuel. Turn on the ignition. There should be a cup of fuel in about 3 seconds or less.

If all the above passes, then turn on the ignition and watch the check engine light. It should turn off after a few seconds. If not, then you will need to downlaod the OBD code. I think Autozone does that for free. Let me know what that code is and we can go from there.

Hope this helps -

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