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I recently changed my stereo on my 2007 nissan altima and afterwards I noticed that the panel lights on my entire center console and shifter as a well as my ambient light is out and I have checked all fuses and none appear to be out.  I do notice that at night when I switch the lights from off to auto I can see a brief flicker of my a/c backlights lighting up.  is my sensor messed up or maybe the dimmer switch? I can dimm my dash lights fine.

The panel instrument lights that are out are the following.  
1. The Hazard switch
2. The Stereo
3. The A/C (except the function lights work fine.  i.e. ac and each little led on the knobs)
4. The Manual Gear Shift indicator light
5. The Ambient Light by the dome light. (i.e. map light)

The stereo, a/c, and hazard switches function properly and everything works as it should, there is just no backlights to light it all up at night anymore.

I am at a loss.  please help me! :)

Thanks in advance for all your help!

Hi Dean -

Usually when this happens it is because of a unintentional disconnection of wires during the stereo replacement. Perhaps a harness got disconnected during this installation. You will have to backtrack what was removed or touched during removal of the old stereo and install of the new.

Secondly, do you still have the old stereo? Check the connections to it. Inspect the plug in terminals thoroughly. There might be a needed connection in order for the lights to work.

Hope this helps -

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