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Dear Calvin, I have a 1991 nissan pintara that has ahuge lag when you first initiate the throttle, there are no codes that flash when the diagnostic link wire is put in place. I was reading another answer you gave previously and you said the only items that do not log on the ecm were the ingnition modual and fuel pump. I think the fuel pump is fine as at higher revs there is no problem, only when throttle is going up in revs do you have this huge lag in revs. Could it be the ignition modual. Regards Tim , Whyalla Australia. PS sorry the engine is a U12 2 litre.

Hi Tim -

That is correct. Fuel system and Ignition module do not register in with the ECM. Although a faulty module should register as a misfire, it does not, for some reason.

Anyway, I would still check the fuel pump. Pressure and volume. Pressure should be about 40PSI and to check the volume, remove the fuel line and dump into a container. Turn ignition on and you should get a cup of fuel in about 3 seconds. If that's OK then replace the module. Especially if the car only acts up when the engine is warmed up.

Hope this helps -

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