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hello, we have a Nissan 200sx it is a 1998 I believe and we have been having trouble getting it to have power in the motor, my fiancÚ switched transmissions when we first got it, and it ran perfectly but all of a sudden there is no power, it wont climb hills it stays at 30 on them, it does not like to move he has checked the catalac converter (I know spelled it wrong) and he thought it was the exaughst but it was not, we cannot figure out why there is no power, we would really like to get the car fixed, we have taken it to a transmission specialist and they said it was the cat in the front but it was not so they were wrong cause the cat was cleared. he has done all the wiring and they are all fine. the transmission and motor hook ups are fine, but the motor keeps falling on its face ( as my fiancÚ describes it) it would be a big help if you could help us with it.

thank you

Hi Sara -

The first thing I need to ask is if the check engine light is on. If so, i will need the OBD code and I can then tell you what direction to take.

If the check engine light is not on, then I would check the fuel pump (pressure and volume) and fuel filter. You need a special gauge to check the fuel pressure, but to check the fuel volume, remove the fuel line at the engine and place the hose in a container. Turn the ignition on and you should have a cup of fuel delivered in 3 seconds or less.

If the flat spots occur only when the engine is warm, replace the ignition module located in the distributor.

Hope this helps -

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