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Nissan Repair/Tachometer Needle Bounces When At 50mph and Over?


Firstly, thank you for taking the time out to read my question. I also am aware that you specialize in Nissans but I believe my question is fairly simple and maybe universal. My automatic '94 Honda Prelude tachometer needle "bounces" to the red area (7-9) when I'm on the highway and going over about 50mph. I read somewhere that it is likely my torque converter solenoid that is causing this. The car doesn't jerk or idle or any of the sort. I just see the tachometer needle bounce. Would a bad TCC cause the tachometer to bounce? It only happens, as I stated, when about 50mph and up. What is your expert opinion on this issue? Thank you again for your time.

Hi Sakura -

I would first check the speedo cable. I believe the 1994 still uses a cable that goes from the odometer into the transmission. It is a casing with a steel cable inside, which needs lubrication once in a while.

You have to remove it from the instrument panel side.

Are you doing this yourself? If so, I can give you directions.

Hope this helps -

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