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Hi, I just noticed that the twin radiator fans are not coming on. After letting the car sit for 4 hours, I took it for a quick drive around the block & saw that the thermostat had gone to half way. I popped the bonnet & saw that the fans were not spinning & still weren't after car had been turned off. I filled the coolant reservoir a week ago & have only made two small trips yet when I checked, the level was on minimum.
Can you please assist ?
Thank you in advance,

hello Shane what part of Australia are you from mate.. At a guess I would think it may be an airlock not allowing enough of the heat to reach the temperature sensors on the radiator frames have you tried to bleed the system to get rid of any air that maybe trapped in the system failing this if you have a local auto electrician get him to check the fans to ensure they are working correctly or maybe the sensors themselves could be at fault.  If you are handy with some mechanical work you could try to cross wire then direct to the battery to see if they are indeed working the way they should at least this will tell you if the fans do run correctly. also check the fuses to make sure they are not blown after this it would be down to an auto electrician to check out  

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