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I'm having brake problems sometimes when I apply the brakes my rear brakes will stick or at least it seems like that my car won't move forward when I let my foot off the brake as when it moves slightly forward and I are at idle position when this seems to happen I've been noticed that the car is running better higher rpm when I stop at a stop I noticed there's smoke coming out from either my driver side tire or my passenger side tire I have it checked I have the rear passenger side tire drum replaced and brakes put on it seems not to be helping my problem could the rear end of my minivan be going out or can it something else be as simple as getting it checked again please can you help me with this it's getting to the point I might even want to get rid of my vehicle the problem has just started within the last 3 months please help explain this to me thank you

Hi Cindy -

Looks like the wheel cylinders are freezing up on you. Either that or the proportioning valve is defective, but that hardly goes out.

Have a competent mechanic check both rear wheel cylinders. This is the part that applies pressure to the brake lining to press against the drum. When you let go the brake it seems like it is not returning. That's why it heats up.

Hope this helps -

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