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Nissan Repair/Fuel Filter 2006 Altima


Can you tell me where the fuel filter is on a 2006 Altima?  
Is it in the engine compartment or in the tank?  
Is it integral with the fuel pump?
The vehicle has 140,000 miles on it and often will not start, turning over well, then finally fires and starts.  Don't want to get stranded ...

Hi Tom -

The fuel filter is along the engine frame near the fuel tank. There is also a fuel screen with the fuel pump in the tank, but that should be OK.

Before you condemn the fuel filter, try this test -

When the car is not starting, spray some starting fluid into the intake throat (might have to remove a hose connected to it), and immediately try to start the engine. If it starts right away, then yes, might be the fuel filter or fuel pump.

If it does not start right away, then it is electrical, light the ignition module, if it does this only when the engine is warmed up.

Is you check engine light on?, if so, then you will need to get an OBD reader and let me know the code it displays.

Hope this helps -

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