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Nissan Repair/2003 nissan sentra airflow problem


I have a 2003 nissan sentra and I recently had the head gasket replaced. Ever since the head gasket started giving me problems I haven't been able to  change the direction the ac blows its stuck on the front vents, any suggestions

this one could be a very puzzling one as the only way it can be changed is by removing the control wire from behind the dash and the last time we did a head gasket we never had to remove the control wires on any car and we have been in business for over 20 years now and have done dozens of head gaskets in this time but please check the ac control wires located up behind the dash board of the car and check the right one is on the right position if the controls are electric it may be a case of wiring fault being to blame and chaffing of the main loom could be at fault I would love to have a look to try and find the exact cause but at the cost I don't think it would be reasonable to travel to you to fix it for you  

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