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I have a 1999 infiniti g20t that is idling fine but when i accelerate the engine shakes as if the car was running out of gas, ive heard it can be the maf but i havent checked yet, it has 128k miles and it doesnt have any lights on, it does this most over the speeds that need most acceleration like 20-30 mph

Hi Gustavo -

If there is no Check Engine light, then I would check the fuel pump and filter. Have the pressure checked (should be above 45PSI) and volume of fuel coming out of the line while ignition is on. The latter you can check yourself by removing the main fuel line right before the injectors and placing a container under the open end. Turn the ignition on, then you should have about 2 cups of fuel in less that 5 seconds. Replace the fuel filter automatically.

Hope this helps -

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