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QUESTION: Goodday, i want to know if its possible to use toyota corolla or camry  or anyother cars engine in Nissan Altima.Can any of the engines match the Gearbox or i will need to change everything?
The mechanics here doesnt seem to know much about the engine and anytime it coughs it stays long in their workshop and as i write this the car has been grounded for 3months now, no solution in sight.
i love the body and need another engine to power it but i dont want another Altima engine!!!!!!
Thanks for the anticipated response.
Abuja, Nigeria.

ANSWER: good day to you mate the only problem I would have with it is that to match the car with another manufacturers engine you would have to replace the wiring loom and all the plugs going into the dash as well and the control ECU computer so for cost effectiveness it would not be feasible to do this but I will try to run a scenario to see if any Nissan engines will swap with the car you have I can only try this for you and I cannot promise you any  results

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QUESTION: Thanks for your effort at solving my problem. It will be highly appreciated.
Thank you. Its a 2002 Altima.

top of the morning to you friend we have tried every possible combination and there is one but to change it over requires a great deal of work and time as you would have to change the wiring harness and find the relevant link's in the car you have to get it to work and in my opinion it is simply to much work to make it viable sorry  

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