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hi i have a 1993 nissan nx 1600 5speed and i was doing a clutch job and after i was done i been having trouble with the shifter linkage. everything is fine but when i hook up the linkage to the tranny the position of the shifter shows 4th and when i try to move the shifter it wont budge. i was wondering how to go about hooking it up. i believe that the position and gear was different when putting it back together then it was before dismantling please help me

Hi Dominick

Remove the shift stick only. Without re-installing it yet, put the stick back in the trans at various angles and try to find neutral. You may have to press the clutch in or lift the drive wheels and see if it spins freely for this. There are a couple of links in the trans that has to line up for this.

Once you get it in neutral, it will be easier to install the shifter and get your gears lined up properly.

Hope this helps -

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