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Hi,I would like your expert opinion on older model nissan sentra vehicle 95 model that has sat for 4 years in my driveway due to blown headgasket.Reason I kept it because it was well maintained and body still looks good out/in.I guess its the memories my first ride so little attached.Now I've found a mechanic that says he'll fix for 900 bucks.My nephew graduated has come to live with me and needs a car.Is it worth the investment to fix the engine or should I get a used engine? If I go the repair route what should I encounter,will the car run reliably due to it sitting for 4 years? The economy is still tough where I live and even used vehicles from private sellers are rather selling expensive than what I willing to fork over,and at least there won't be car note. Thanks

Hi Terry -

4 years is a long time for a vehicle to sit, especially after the head gasket is blown, meaning there is water in the engine. Depending on the severity of the internal damage, and if it sat outside in the elements or not, the car engine just may cost more than $900 to repair. The only way to tell is to take it apart and get an assessment.

A quick check is to try to manually turn the engine (at the center pulley at the bottom of the engine). That's to see if the engine is frozen. If it is then it is time to get a new car.

It is tough for me to make a decision, being that I cannot see the engine, but in my experience, after 4 years, the safe route is to find another car.

Hope this helps -

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