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Nissan Repair/1994 Nissan Sentra Follow-up


Hi Calvin,

Thanks for the tips on the sentra,
New info on the problem.

A couple of days ago I took it out for a drive.
I made about 5 miles before the engine lost power and died.
I put it in a parking slot, popped the hood and pulled the fuel line off at the filter, and cranked the engine.
Not a drop of gas came out of the filter.

Of course, after it sat for a few hours, it tried but didn't start.

I'm wondering if the fuel pump relay isn't getting hot and cutting the power.
Usually fuel pumps just quit working don't they?
I've never had one work sometimes and sometimes not.

Thanks for any ideas,

Hi Chris -

I am assuming the fuse is not blown.

Try checking power at the wire leading to the pump. If you have power when you turn the ignition on, then it is the pump. If no power, then I would start checking the relay, but relays hardly fail.

Have you tried priming the intake throat with starting fluid to see if the engine starts for a few seconds?

Hope this helps -

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