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My car has 62,420 miles on it and the other day would not run faster than idle speed.  Had it towed to local Nissan dealer, and here is what they reported.
Com  Perform "check/service engine light" diagnostic diagnosis of malfunction indicator system and provide estimate of repairs.
Cau  Verified concern-found P0507/P2103 stored.  Checked and found aftermarket starter wired into IPDM/ER causing condition due to remote starter backfeed into throttle motor & relay causing failsafe mode to engauage.
Cor Removed aftermarket remote starter, cledared DTC & relearned idle.  Test drove 15 miles with no further condition.
I paid the $392 labor charge, picked up the car and drove it about 100 feet and the same condion accured. Took it right back under idle power and it is still there today.  I am waiting to hear from them.
Is it possible for them to still blame the problem on the remote starter?  It has been on the car for 2 years and was originally reccommended by them and installed by the same shop that they send their cars to.  Should I tell them to re-install the remote starter and deduct the $392 from today's bill?

Hi Richard -

Absolutely. Obviously what they did failed to repair the issue. Personally I do not think a remote starter could cause all this, especially if you have been using it for a couple years.

Here is what I have on the code P2103. Code P0507 is idle speed high, which is probably a result of P2103.

P2103 NISSAN - Throttle Control Motor Relay Circuit Short
Possible causes
- Throttle Control Motor Relay harness is short
- Throttle Control Motor Relay circuit poor electrical connection
- Faulty Throttle Control Motor Relay
Help with this
- Engine Light ON (or Service Engine Soon Warning Light)
P2103 NISSAN Description
Power supply for the throttle control motor is provided to the Engine Control Module (ECM) via throttle control motor relay. The throttle control motor relay is ON/OFF controlled by the ECM. When the ignition switch is turned ON, the ECM sends an ON signal to throttle control motor relay and battery voltage is provided to the ECM. When the ignition switch is turned OFF, the ECM sends an OFF signal to throttle control motor relay and battery voltage is not provided to the ECM.

I would take it back get your refund and ask them to follow the code.

Hope this helps -

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