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I have an 2001 Nissan Pathfinder and my stop/brake 10a fuse keeps blowing and won't let me shift into gear. This happens immediately but sometimes doesn't happen at all. There are times when i have to switch out the fuse 8 times a day. Is there any things that i can check to save me a trip to the mechanic? I appreciate your time and help on this matter.

Hi Adam

You have a direct short somewhere, probably related to either the shift console, or brake solenoid circuit.

As the pressing of the brake is related to whether you can shift out of park or not, Both circuits need to be checked. You do have a solenoid that releases the shifter when you press the brake (You should hear a click when pressing the brake)

However what you might want to check first is your console. Take it apart and see if there are any debris or trash stuck inside. One vehicle I did there was a coin inside, causing the short.

Hope this helps -

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