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My blower motor suddenly stopped working. If you hit it, it would come back on but that stopped working too. This followed my clocks display  going out 6 mo earlier, my washer fluid pump not working at the same time as the blower, my radio going crazy, dash back lights going out 6-8 mo prior

Could this all be related to a common wire or a fuse box issue?

Aloha Paige -

The blower motor is probably a separate item. This is common because the motor is actually upside down normally, so it stops working after a while.

The motor is not on the same circuit as the washer pump. What you might want to check is the power going to the items that are not working. For instance remove the wire on the blower motor and while ignition on and blower switch (or A/C) on, should have 12 volts at one of the wires.
If you do, then the motor is defective. If not, then it is a power issue.

That being said, with all the other electrical items not working, i would surely take it to a competent mechanic and have the wiring traced for shorts or loose connections.

Hope this helps -

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