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My 2002 Nissan Quest got wet due to strom sandy i dry the van and started it ran about 2 hrs and shut off i tried again and it ran and shut off now i can not get it going is thid worth repairing
i don't know what should i do next any good mechanic i can take to for repair please help.


Hi Javid -

From what you explain, it sounds like you have water in your fuel. I do not know to what extent your vehicle got wet, or even if it was underwater. But there are some ways you can check for water in your fuel tank, either by using a test kit, or simply taking off your fuel line, turn on the ignition, letting the fuel spill into a container, and then you can see if there is water.
This be the case you will have to drain the fuel, flush the system, and then replace with new fuel.

The other thing it could be is electrical, if the water got into the distributor or coil. But if this was the case, the car would not start at all. I would check it anyway.

Hope this helps -

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