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yes I have a 99 nissan sentra 210k miles still in perfect running condition just amazes me. However recently the A/c is not running very well. When i turn it on it is a very loud motor noise and the air is cold however very low force. When i put it to max level still pushes out air as if on low but the fan itself is def running at the higher level. The noise from the fan goes really loud. What could be the problem? and also any reference to a video of changing the a/c filter or motor would be appreciated have been looking for a while online cant find specific yr model. Im hoping it could be a clogged filter something easy just not sure.

thank you fo your help

Hi John -

Looks like you will have to replace your fan motor, and replace the cabin filter. Both these items are located passenger side. The fan motor sits upside down (thats why it makes noise a lot) right where you put your feet passenger side. One plug and about 6 10MM bolts and it is out. You may order the motor separately, don;t forget to save the fan -

The cabin filter is nehind the glove box. Open the glove box, remove the glove box compartment, and you will see the cabin filter behind it. Slide it out and replace.

Hope this helps -

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