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my car started hesitating like it was a plugged fuel filter.. it threw a code about the 4th cyl.. my mechanic looked at it and it quit doing it.. about a week later it started again, but this time white/blue smoke started coming out of the exhaust.  we replaced the 4th fuel injector and the 02 sensor, but it still blows smoke like crazy when we start the car.  also put new plugs in.  now it is overfueling into the 4th.. don't know what to do next.. i have an appt to take to dealer to put on their machine, but hoping for a solution.

Hi Denise -

If it is heavy bluish smoke that kind of just lingers in the air, this is oil burning. Perhaps one of you oil seals (perhaps the 4th cylinder) has a bad leak. This is typical if the smoke is heavy when you first start the engine after a period of rest, such as overnight.

If the code read "Misfire cylinder 4" then this is probably it. If you get me the code number I can decipher it for you.

Replacing the seal is not a huge job, but you do need special tools.

LMK if you have any more questions, and hope this helped -


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