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My 2006 Altima sometimes feels like it skips at interstate speeds. Also, it will run fine for weeks, then will cut off at a red light It will always start right back, but has stopped in intersections and had to quickly re-start. It will then run fine for a week and do this again. Also, sometimes at hard acceleration from start off, it will cut out real bad and nearly die. No lights have come on!
Thanks, Brad

Hi Brad -

If the Check Engine light has not come on, then I would first check the fuel pump. Being an intermittent issue, sometimes it is a challenge checking the fuel pump while the problem is happening. Pressure should be about 45PSI, and to check volume you have to remove the main fuel line and let it flow into a graduated jar while ignition is on. In 3 seconds you should get at least a cup of fuel.

Also in some cases it may be the ignitor in the distributor. Usually when this fails the car cuts out only when the engine is warm.

Hope this helps -

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