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My daughter has an 1997 Nissan Altima. She drove to the store today and upon returning to the car she states that the drivers seat belt locked and would not release. When she got home (without using the seat belt) I attempted to see if there was a simple explanation. When I attempted to operate the seat belt, it released slightly and then the safety lock(?) engaged. We have never had any prior problems with the car. Is there any way to fix this without having to replace the seat belt? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi Rick -

I apologize for the delay in answering your question.

The best way to handle this problem is, unfortunately replacing the seat belt (female side, or the latch side) coming out from the seat. If you look under the seat it is attached to the floor board with one large bolt. It does have to be ordered from the dealer.

I never recommend repairing it, as it is a safety issue, Last thing you want is a defective belt latch in an emergency situation

Hope this helps -

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