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The other night I ended up sleeping in my car. In the morning i got out and pressed the button on the key to lock it. It locked and then promptly unlocked itself. I repeated this a few times and then walked away. Now the buttons on the key seem totally u/s. I can lock and unlock the car with the key. But when I unlock it the hazards flash until i turn the ignition on. Also when i first switch on an indicator after starting it makes a single beep noise. all since that night. Any ideas?

ANSWER: Hello this is quite a common problem the remote control for the central locking system is broke it is as simple as that. The problem lies with two little micro switches built into the remote control unit they for some reason just stop working. When you press the button to lock or unlock it simply locks then promptly unlocks again.  But and it is a big but the little micro switches can be bought from the likes of ebay then get a good electronics company that can remove the old ones to simple remove the old ones and solder in the new ones simple but very efective repair....... hope this helps your understanding of the micro processor we have in our pockets theses days......Michael from Ireland

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QUESTION: Thanks Micheal

I probably sound thick. But could you just clarify where the switches are?
Are they in the vehicle or are you referring to the buttons with the key?

Many thanks Darren

Hello Darren you don't sound thick mate I should have made it more clear.  The micro switches are located behind the plastic cover of the buttons you would press.  If you take the remote fob apart you will see two tiny little micro switches behind it these are the ones that usually cause the damage as they seem to short out and mess up the computers into thinking you want to open the car not lock it

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