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Hello Calvin,

  When I try and start the xterra (3.3 na) it may or may not start to turn over then suddenly stops, dash lights flicker when the key is wiggled. Battery is a year old and alternator is original but all lights are bright and turns over strong and runs good when starts. Have reset ecu and seems to only do it in the morning usually. Temps are usually at 60-70 consistently. Was thinking maybe a bad ignition module? Let me know what you think and thanks very much!

Hi Jesse -

Seems to me it may be a defective ignition switch. There are 2 parts to the ignition, the cylinder and the switch. To replace the latter, remove the plastic housing around the steering wheel, and you should see the harness and connector of the left side.

I would first check all the connections, perhaps there is a burnt or loose wire.

If not, remove the harness, and the switch should be right there. If you do not have access, the entire ignition assembly will have to be removed.

Hope this helps -

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