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  I have Nissan sunny 2004, I have a problem with the horn in the driving wheel,. The problem is that when you push the horn it will not stop, what do you think? How can I fix that one?

Hi Regner -

This is probably the horn switch, located in the steering wheel. Happens all the time,

We do not have Sunny's here in Hawaii, so I want to ask you if there is an air bag in the steering wheel.

If so, you will have to take it to a dealer, as there are very serious precautions you need to take before attempting to remove the horn switch. Any false move and the air bag could deploy, perhaps causing very serious injury or death. I've seen mechanics work on it, they wear hard hats and full face gear for protection.

Obviously this is an expensive fix.

One way to skate around the repair is to install a remote horn switch that you can mount to the dash or instrument panel.

Of course, if you do not have an air bag in the steering wheel, simply replace the horn switch.

Hope this helps -

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