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Good morning, i have a 2004 Nissan Frontier PU with 200k plus miles that has been well taken care of.. in May of this year I found out the radiator was clogged (pickup ran warm/hot 2 times during this time before making it to the shop/ the motor was cooled down both times to ensure it wasn't damaged)My problem is with starting the pickup...the original starter was replaced in June with a new battery, another one in August(I assumed I got a bad one in June).... It's September and this starter is acting weird... sometimes it's like the motor barely turns over and starts right up...other times the motor turns over like normal and starts right up...((could the flywheel have warped when the motor got hot) you have any thought or suggestions? Any help would be appreciated..

Hi Chris -

First, let me clarify with you -

The starter and battery was replaced in June.
In August you said another one was replaced - was that a starter or battery?

Flywheels don't normally warp that way. I think it is something else.

Let me know and we can start from there


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