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My 08 Nissan Frontier Nismo 5 speed manual shift 92000 miles wont shift into any gear. I can shift the gears without stepping on the clutch and it wont shift. Prior this when I shifted into 1st, 2nd, and 3rd it would have a have a hard time accellerating. What could be the issue and do I tow it to a shop or dealershil for any warranty coverage?

Hi Jerry -

Usually after 1 - 5 years the warranty expires, depending if you have purchased an extended warranty or not.

If I understand your message correctly, are you saying that you can shift through your gears without pressing the clutch and the car does not move?

If so, you may have a defective clutch pressure plate.

In any case the transmission needs to be removed and checked. Depending on whether the clutch pedal is hard or easy to press, sounds involved if any, or drive performance, could be many things related to either the transmission or the clutch. If you have that information, perhaps i can be of more assistance.

Hope this helps

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