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My 1996 Nissan Maxima (manual transmission) has been jerking pretty violently lately while driving no matter what gear I'm in as well as when I'm at a complete stop the car stalls or REVS up and down without pressing the gas. I also observed today that it mostly happens when the weather is wet out now I've already replaced the fuel filter and had a tune up about 4 months ago and the clutch was replaced about 10 months ago i have no check engine light on and the computer has no codes stored. I also tried putting dry gas into the gas tank and it doesn't help the problem I have no clue what it could be this just started happening within the last week or so. I would appreciate any help or advice given


Hi Josh -

Usually this is caused by either a vacuum leak (check the intake boot, and related vacuum hoses), or it could be caused by a faulty IAC (Intake Air Control) Valve. The latter is located at the mouth of the intake manifold.

Is you check engine light on? If so, you can extract the OBD code and it will tell you what is wrong. Or if you give me the code number I can get it for you.

Hope this helps

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