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My power mirrors, tail lights and radio are out. I checked all the fuses in all three area and all are good. What can I do to repair the problem. Is there a fuse or control box somewhere that I'm not aware of.

All I did was trying to replace the radio and everything went down hill from there.

Now I have no tail lights, no clock, no mirror control and radio at all.

Hi Ken -

The 2 most common things that happen in these instances are:

1. A wire gets disconnected and not re-connected, which could be powering other components

2. The fuse blows because live wires are crossed.

Did you disconnect the battery before working on the radio? If so, then it is probably not the fuse.

How were the fuses checked? The best way is with a multimeter checking resistance. Sometimes the fuse may look OK, but it is burned. The situation sure sounds like the fuse blew.

If not, then back track removing the radio, try to remember if a wire was removed and not returned during the process.

Hope this helps -

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