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I have a Pathfinder that is missing at lugging speeds, yes it is 5 speed v6 4x4. It only misses at speeds when you should be in 4th gear instead of 5th and so on down to 1st other than that it runs fine. And I don't mean real bad lugging it should not miss at the lower RPM. The idle is good and if you don't lug it at all, it does not miss. Plugs, wires, fuel filter, are all good. I can get past the miss if I gear down our just get more RPM. (ie more pedal). Thanks

Hi Ran -

Have you tried checking the fuel pump? Characteristics sound like the pump is failing under load.

You should get at least 35 - 40 PSI in  the system, and volume test should be at least one cup in 3 seconds.

LMK if you need assistance with the tests.

Hope this helps -

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