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Hi there. I recently bought this wagon from a second hand car dealer. Everything about the car seemed absolutely perfect. Drove nicely, looked fresh from the factory and very low mileage. I've had the car a few days and today I realized that the lock for the boot door is broken. The latch works fine, as in it stays closed, but the lock itself is completely broken, as it will not lock by remote or key. When I twist the key lock, I cannot even hear the mechanism work. The car came with no spare parts or service history, so I can't even track down the previous owners mechanic. Any idea if this is a common fault? If not then do you have an idea for a quick fix or even a schematic diagram of the lock mechanism itself? Or should I ask the dealership to repair it? Thanks in advance :)

Hi Isaac -

First of all, call the dealer and see if there is any warranty for this lock. Probably not, but good to check.

If not, then the boot door panel has to be removed to access the linkage inside that drives the lock. Either the linkage came off (held by plastic clips), or the solenoid that operates the link is defective. When you press the remote, listen for the solenoid to engage. If you do not hear anything, then you will probably have to replace it. Hopefully it is just the plastic clip that needs to be replaced.
Hope this helps -

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