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I have an 1997 nissan prairie joy 2 litre automatic.
It seems like the accelerator is sticking while i'm driving. And it does not always work when i try to force back up the accelerator pedal.
From this problem my car is using up more fuel than normal.
I have been told to replace my automatic transmission oil as i haven't done this for a while. Any suggestions please?

Hi Joe -

If the pedal is getting stuck (Is what I am assuming because you have to manually return the pedal to the normal position), then it is not the transmission.

Looks like you will need to replace the accelerator pedal cable that goes from the pedal to the intake manifold. You might also want to check the butterfly valve on the intake manifold that the cable is connected to. It should move freely back and forth (check it with the cable disconnected).

Hope this helps -

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