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I seem to have sprayed a lot of water into the intake while I was cleaning the top of my engine. Now it won't start it will just fire occasionally. I have good spark at the plugs. This is on a 1996 nissan d21 pickup truck with fuel injection. Any ideas on how to clean it out or can I just run it through?

Hi Michael -

Once water gets into the intake system, it is hard to remove it unless you take everything apart. I do not know how much water went in to the intake, or what kind of Nissan you have, so it is hard for me to determine what you need to do.

However, if it is firing up, then what you can do is get a product called Sea Foam, and introduce it slowly into the manifold while the car is running. The rest can go in the fuel tank. That should displace the water and then you should be ok.

Hope this helps -

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