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How do I remove the alternator from a 1990 Nissan 240sx?

Hi Liliana -

First, disconnect the battery negative cable. Remove the mud guard from the bottom of the car. This will assist in accessing the alternator and removal of the same.

The alternator is mounted with one bolt on the top, and one through bolt at the bottom. The latter is probably 14MM, and the top 12MM. Remove them completely. There are also 2 connections at the rear of the alternator, one 10mm nut for the power to the alternator, and the other is a harness connection which is plastic. Press the tab on the plastic harness to remove. Once you have the alternator front bolts off, the rear connections are easier to get at.

The engine is a bit crowded at the top, so you may have to remove the alternator from the bottom of the car, after removing the mud guard.

Installation is reverse of removal.

Hope this helps -

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