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QUESTION: My 1994 p/u started making a weird whining sound when started and a day later the transmission started slipping. I parked and when I tried to leave it would not engage into reverse or forward gears. Oil color was red and still marked on dip stick. I added a bit more and suddenly engaged but a mile later failed completely . I had it towed home. What could possibly be the problem. I bought it used so maintenance is unknown on the transmission. No noticeable oil leaks from trans.

ANSWER: Hi Julio -

Looks like you need a transmission overhaul when it gets to this point.

There is one thing you can try that worked for me several times. There is an additive called AT-205 that you can add to the transmission oil and it has saved me in the past a few times, even when the transmission was not shifting at all, it solved the problem.

Hopefully it is available in your area.

Hope this helps -

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QUESTION: Calvin, thanks for the response but getting the transmission
Overhauled is the easiest answer. I was hoping some one
Could shed some
Light on what exactly could be the problem. Like maybe
The torque converter or maybe the oil needs to be changed.
Clogged something or another. Know what I mean.
I have a pretty decent mechanical knowledge so telling me to get the trans
Overhauled is simple. I was hoping it was something else.

Aloha Julio

First of all I suggest you try that additive. If the oil is red, you do not need an oil change. If it was brown, then the oil is burnt and saturated with contaminants. Then I would recommend an oil change.

The reason my answer was simply an overhaul is because, judging from what you say, either the transmission bands are slipping beyond the tolerances of the transmission specs, or perhaps the ports in the transmission body are clogged somewhere. However no matter what it is, an overhaul is the answer, as the transmission will have to be removed from the vehicle, and it makes sense to have it overhauled at that point anyway. I apologize, I did not mean for it to be a simple answer, just a truthful one.


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