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A few weeks ago my car started making a really horrible clanking noise under the hood while running. Just a couple days ago when I started it is was making a very loud squealing noise and then it started smoking and then died and now it won't start. Do you have any idea what it might be?

Hi Kylie -

I am suspecting the engine has overheated and the head gasket may be blown.

The clanking noise is probably the pinging sound when the car is overheated, and the squealing noise is probably the water pump being frozen.

Of course, this is my educated guess, as I am obviously not there to assess the condition. However there is one test you can do.

Open the radiator cap and fill water to the top. Leave the cap off.

Crank the engine as if you were starting it. If you see water gushing out of the radiator in spurts, then the head gasket is blown.

If this is the case it is a big job to fix, probably going to cost about a couple thousand dollars, maybe less if the heads do not need resurfacing.

LMK how it goes -


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