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I have a nissan altima 2003 for a few weeks the battery light and brake light came on and off, i didn't think it was something serious until one day at a red light i hit the gas pedal and my car didn't move. And suddenly it started to go like at 5mph. Thank god i was close to home i parked the car tured it off and then try to turn it on and the battery was dead, does anyone know what the problem might be? I'm guessing the alternator but not sure i just bought the battery 2months ago NEW

Hi Mary -

It is possible for a battery that is really dead to cause the issue you are having.

To check it, you need to charge the battery first. Then check the charging system. Basically at idle and under load (lights on) should be putting out at least 14 volts.

If the charging system is OK, check the battery. I know it is new, but sometimes they are defective. There is a load test you can perform for the battery if you take it to a repair shop.

If the battery is good, then check all connections related to the battery, terminals, fusible link wires, cables, etc.

Hope this helps -

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